How it Works

Bespoke wedding music by In harmonyOur standard package consists of two elements:

  • Your main theme (choose your own title!) lasting 3 minutes
  • 100 CD Favours with your 3-minute theme – a gift for your guests to remember the day

We begin by making sure the music will be as you want it and that it meets your needs for the day. We ask you what music you like, whether you have a favourite ballad or classical piece (sometimes we use these as a starting point, to make it truly your own piece). We also want to know about you… what sort of people you are, what sort of ceremony and reception you’re having, what venues you’re using, etc. Then, we check that you’ve listened to the samples on our Music page and ask you which style, speed, instrumentation, etc, you prefer.  From those choices, and our conversations with you, we will prepare three short themes for you to consider and select your favourite. If you want to suggest a small change, we can usually do this, so that the piece suits you and your needs exactly.

Bespoke wedding music by In harmonyOnce you’ve chosen your theme, we develop it into a full 3-minute composition, record, edit and mix it in our studio and finalise it into mp3 format, ready for you to use. We will send it to you by email or can download it onto CD and post it to you. Whether you download it yourself, or we do it for you, we do always ask couples to test the media (CD, memory stick, Ipod, etc) and the performance equipment (PA system, Ipod-dock, etc) at home and at the venue before the day itself, so that between us we can be sure your day runs smoothly.

If you have asked for an additional shorter or longer version of your piece, we’ll put that on the same mp3 or CD. If you want an even longer piece of music, we can often loop together two or three ‘plays’ of your theme into a more substantial piece.

Then we arrange the bespoke CDs for your guests, friends and relatives. The disks will have our In Harmony logos printed directly onto them and the sleeve will have your chosen title, photo and design printed on it as part of the package. Couples who use the CDs as Wedding Favours – presents for guests on the day itself – usually leave them at each place-setting at the Reception – often playing the piece again as guests take their places, which makes a lovely touch. Couples usually feature a recent photo of the two of them on the sleeve – but the choice is entirely yours. We will post the CDs to your home (delivery free within the UK).

Bespoke wedding music by In harmonyThe cost of this standard In Harmony package is £875. This includes the £300 cost of composing your bespoke theme, plus 100 CDs @ £5.75 each (£575).

BUT… any standard package order placed before 31 Dec 2017 (a 50% deposit is needed when you  order) will receive our Special  Offer of £100 off, bringing the total cost down to just £775. Contact us NOW to secure this special price! There is no VAT to add to any of our prices.

Smaller quantities (under 100) of CD Wedding Favours (minimum order: 50) are priced at £6.75 each. The composition cost of £300 still applies (our £100 off Special Offer doesn’t apply to orders lower than 100 CDs).

There are also some optional extras, to make your day even more special:

  • Additional shorter version to use as a Bridal March (tailored to the exact length you require) £50
  • A longer version (up to 5 minutes) or a ‘looped’ version to suit a longer part of the day £100
  • DVDs (either as well as, or instead of, your CD Favours) to send out to family and friends in the weeks after your wedding; includes creating a slideshow of your photos and editing your music into the video file £100 (unit costs per DVD are the same as CDs – see above)
  • A 3 minute piece of music ONLY (without CDs) £300 (without any client reproduction or social media rights)
  • Your favourite pop or rock song, arranged for piano and strings, either for your Bridal March or First Dance £250 (no reproduction or social media rights unless CD Favours are also purchased)
  • A second theme (some couples like a different piece for their First Dance to the one used during their ceremony) £250 (we include this on your CDs at no extra cost if already purchased with your first theme).
  • A framed and signed copy of the Title Page of your theme for you to keep £40 (includes UK delivery)
  • Having a really large wedding?  Or want to send your music out to loads of family and friends who couldn’t make it to the big day? Need more than 100 CDs or DVDs? Ask about our discounts on orders over 100.

Other Special Occasions

If you’re looking for a piece of music, between 3 & 5 minutes (you choose the length!) for a Birthday, Christening, Anniversary, Engagement or similar, and whether it’s for your special event or as a present for someone else’s, we can tailor it to your taste and needs in exactly the same way as a wedding theme.  You make all the choices, and we give you 3 themes to choose from. We also offer CDs (minimum order: 50) for your family and friends. Prices are tailored to suit the occasion and length of the piece – please contact us.