The Music

We create music that suits you and your occasion, so we let you make the decisions – the style, pace and mood of the piece; when in the day you want to use it; how long you want it to be and how you want it to sound. We have four styles to choose from:


A very popular choice – traditional, classical and melodic. This style of piece fits perfectly into any part of your day.


For those wanting a more ‘Pop’ feel to their theme, this melodic & romantic style suits any part of the day.


A different kind of melody, but still with a strong romantic feel. Perfect for fans of modern piano composers such as Ludovico Einaudi.


Something a bit different – for those wanting a more mellow or jazz/blues-influenced piece.  Still oodles of melody and romance though!

We compose exclusively for piano.  This is because the piano is widely recognised as the most versatile and recognisable musical instrument, and because it has a rich and romantic sound, easily adapting to our four different styles of music . It’s not known the ‘King of Instruments’ for nothing!  All these sample tracks also have strings added.  This is optional of course (all the choices are yours!) but we do find that the combination of piano and strings is a romantic and moving sound that suits all parts of the wedding day. Most people opt to have strings included, but the alternative of piano by itself is entirely your choice.

Longer or Shorter Versions of your Music

Our standard 3-minute version of your new piece of music can also be arranges in shorter or longer versions. The examples below demonstrate our sample track, Perfect Day, arranged at 3 minutes (our standard length) then 2 minutes (or less, if you prefer, for a Bridal March) and then 5 minutes. If you want your  music to play over an even longer section of the day, we can usually ‘loop’ it together to achieve this as well. Listen to these 3 versions and see how they might suit different parts of your wedding day: