What We Do

Shakespeare wrote that music is the food of love. Five hundred years later, music is also the soundtrack to our lives – the keeper of our memories, connecting us to the important events and experiences in our lives.

Our wedding day is just one of these memorable events. For most of us, it’s the MOST special. We make the most important vows of our lives, gather friends and family around us, and plan the day down to the last detail. It’s a day  of celebration and togetherness, forever connecting the happy couple to their guests, friends and family.

Music is at the heart of all the best wedding days, but today’s couples are often looking for something a bit different for their music – something to make their wedding stand out from the crowd. They want more than tired organ playing, inaudible singing, the same old wedding march and yet another Whitney Houston song for their First Dance – they want something that truly reflects this special moment in life. In Harmony can make this possible, through a uniquely personal, bespoke piece of moving piano music, composed specially for you and your wedding day.

At In Harmony we make your new piece of music perfect for your wedding day – and perfect for re-living the day for years to come. Bespoke wedding music by In harmonyWe use your ideas and  preferences, your needs for the day, and your own hopes and expectations, to create music that is uniquely yours. We also use your ideas about the style and pace of the music and devise three short themes for you to choose from. Then we develop your chosen theme into a full 3-minute composition and perform, record and edit it in our studio in Cheshire.

We can also devise shorter (perhaps to accompany the bride as she walks down the aisle?) or longer (to play during the register signing or while guests take their seats at the Reception?) versions of your piece if you wish.

We also provide 100 CDs of your theme to give as presents on the wedding day, or if you prefer, DVDs with a slideshow of your wedding photos, to send out as Thank You’s to family and friends in the days or weeks afterwards. Imagine your own piece of In Harmony music, accompanying your wedding photos, captured forever in this unique way. Can there be a more original or personal way to thank your loved ones for their part in the most special day of your life? And… both you and they will have it to keep. Play it again and re-live the day, at anniversaries, birthdays, christenings… whenever you want to share the memories all over again.

A piece of bespoke piano music from In Harmony also makes the perfect gift – from a friend or relative to the happy couple, or for a partner, family member or friend to mark a birthday, anniversary, christening or special achievement. What better gift can there be than the gift of music?

In Harmony… original music, just for you – reflecting your dreams, capturing your memories.